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The price index of ancient town lighting was released in December 2017. The four major coefficients

Time: 2018-01-29
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In December 2017, the Guzhen Lighting Price Index issued five rounds of data, which was reported at 108.02 points at the beginning of the month. It continued to rise after falling for two consecutive months. At the end of the month, it set a new small peak at 116.41 points, marking the end of this year's lighting price index. The average was 110.52 points, down 2.05% from the November average (112.84 points).

This year's Spring Festival came later, and lighting companies still took orders in December. However, some manufacturers also entered the rest period for Spring Festival. Order shipments began to decline, and the lighting price index was steadily transitioning. Under the influence of new technology and market price competition, the light source series index dropped significantly, the lighting series index and outdoor lighting series index decreased slightly, but the downward range was modest, while the commercial lighting series index slightly increased.


The monthly average of the four major series of indices in December was “one liter and three lower”, which was specifically:

The average number of commercial lighting series in December was 102.03 points, up 0.75% from November;

The average number of lighting series in December was 118.66 points, down 2.01% from November;

The average number of outdoor lighting series in December was 97.80 points, down 2.34% from November;

The average number of light source series in December was 92.05 points, which was 5.79% lower than that in November;

Commercial lighting index fluctuations rose slightly

The commercial lighting series index went up and fall alternately in December, and the volatility was relatively large. The LED spotlight (downlight) index rose sharply, driving the index to rise. The monthly average was 102.03 points, which was an increase of 0.75% from the previous quarter. Affected by the late Spring Festival, the construction of commercial projects throughout the country is still in full swing in December. However, some lighting companies have stopped accepting orders, and the commercial lighting market has experienced a slight decline in prices.

Lighting series index drops first and then rises

The lighting series index initially reported at 114.59 points in December. After falling for two consecutive periods, it rose steadily. The monthly average was 127.36 points, and the monthly average was 118.66 points, down 2.01% month-on-month. In November, there was a small shipment of orders in the lighting market. In early December, many merchants still had inventories. After a period of sales, and most factory and logistics companies did not accept orders in January, dealers added in the middle and late (lunar) last year. A batch of sources for the sales of the end of the year.

Outdoor lighting series index fluctuated

The trend of outdoor lighting products was significantly different and volatile in December. The overall downward trend was a monthly average of 97.80 points, which was a decrease of 2.34% from the previous month in November. In recent years, the rapid development of urban landscape lighting, but there is a "thousands of city side" phenomenon, a single outdoor lighting products demand, lawn, garden lights and column headlights and other "garden-style" outdoor lighting market, "cold," pull outdoor lighting series The index is lower.

Light source series index bottoming rebound

The light source series showed a sluggish performance in December. It once dropped to 87.72 points, the lowest level of the year, and rebounded. The two periods continued to rise, but the series's overall decline was still unable to be restored. The monthly average was 92.05 points, down 5.79% month-on-month. With the maturity of various LED technologies, the commercialization model has also been continuously improved, the LED market penetration rate has increased, and new light source products have lower power consumption, longer life, and higher stability, and have impacted the traditional light source market, and since 2016, Many small and micro-plant companies use the "price war" to seize the market, leading to the light source series index in the low position in recent years.

At the end of the year, the demand for the lighting market decreased. In December, the trend of the total index tended to fluctuate slightly, but from 2018 to February, it only entered the Spring Festival holiday. In the atmosphere of the overall atmosphere of the market, there was no major change, and the trend of the different series of indicators in December was more differentiated. stable. It is expected that many lighting manufacturers and merchants will be on holiday each year in the beginning of the new year. In January, the trading volume of the market will show a downward trend, and the price index of lighting will fluctuate.

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