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LED chips packaging

Kinppon adheres to the spirit of LED packaging craftsmanship, has a perfect quality control system in terms of quality control, and at the same time achieves no dead angle monitoring of product quality through advanced quality control equipment.

产品名称: LED iLoad 3
型号: LED iLoad 3
时间: 2018 - 01 - 27
1. New turntable design, five loaded hopper smart switch.2. Without adjustment, easy to achieve a variety of models to share.3. The new independent patent design, folder material precision and stability.4. Automatic paper extraction function, the operation is more simple and easy to use.5. Can load 9 empty cartridges, a total of 18 cartridges.
产品名称: LED iBlack 6
型号: LED iBlack 6
时间: 2018 - 01 - 29
1. New turntable design, five loaded hopper smart switch.2. Large material load, can be achieved 20 minutes unattended.3. Unique mold design, easy to achieve 30 seconds quick change mold.4. Independent patented design, accurate and stable clamping material, refused to overlap material.5. Roller mold design, reduce product burrs, reduce debris.6. The production efficiency breaks the industry record and easily achieves 2000K/hour.
产品名称: LED iTurn 6
型号: LED iTurn 6
时间: 2018 - 02 - 01
1. Automatic loading and unloading, one person can easily operate 15 units.2. Effectively increase the concentration of color areas and increase the shipping rate.3. Perfect solution to the baking before and after the phosphor precipitation inconsistent.4. Put an end to the time before entering the baking and affect the color area drift.5. To improve the light, more uniform light, more effective removal of air bubbles.6. To achieve a multi-purpose machine for most of the flat white light product...
产品名称: LED iBlack 5H
型号: LED iBlack 5H
时间: 2018 - 02 - 01
1. No manual contact with products to ensure quality.2. There is no friction between the materials, prevent wear.3. Safe and reliable protection to eliminate hidden dangers.4. There is no residual of the stripping bracket to reduce the loss.5. Can quickly switch fixture, a multi-purpose machine.6. Higher degree of automation, more than one machine.7. Seal the hopper for loading and stripping to avoid spatter.8. Multiple glass can be observed and monitored at any time.
产品名称: LED iTurn 7 COB
时间: 2018 - 02 - 01
1、Automatic loading and unloading, automatic deformation back structure.2、Yield, gas tightness, spot and heat resistance are all improved.3、Strong compatibility performance, fast switching product type.4、High-end design, simplified structure, stable and noiseless.5、Intelligent 20 large capacity, unattended.6、Cost-effective, COB packaging is another technological revolution.
产品名称: LED iMark 3
型号: LED iMark 3
时间: 2018 - 01 - 29
1. Multi-camera visual positioning system makes marking more accurate.2. Intelligent identification of the front and back of the material and automatic discharge.4. Track width is electrically adjusted to quickly change the machine type.3. High specification design concept, can be compatible with a variety of materials.5. Turntable loading structure, large capacity of thousand pieces.6. High quality laser marking, special machine for LED industry.
产品名称: LED iCheck 1S
型号: LED iCheck 1S
时间: 2019 - 09 - 30
1. Full automatic detection, cutting and packing.2. Dead lamp, electrical property and bad appearance can all be detected.3. Large capacity, 8 to 10 boxes of materials can be loaded at the same time.4. Fast detection speed, up to 500 pieces per hour.5. Reject defective products by region, classify and package good products.6. Strong compatibility, quick switching between different types of supports.7. Precise function, simple operation and stronger cooperation.8. High-end appearance, compact str...
产品名称: ​LED iGrind 2
时间: 2019 - 08 - 08
1. Effectively solve the phosphor stirring phenomenon, the effect is direct.2. Automatically adjust the ceramic roller clearance, micron level positioning accuracy.3. The speed of the three rollers can be adjusted at will, and the speed ratio can be adjusted at will.4. A variety of motion modes are available, and multiple products can be quickly switched.5. Built-in water cooling device, super large porcelain roller faster production efficiency.6. High-end design, precise structure, better use e...
产品名称: LED iScreen 1
型号: LED iScreen 1
时间: 2020 - 01 - 17
1. High-frequency vibrating screen can remove dust without residue.2. Improve the efficiency of spectral braid, no jam.3. Seamless docking stripper, more efficient.4. Can rotate the negative ion fan, in addition to static electricity.
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